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MOTO CLUB VARANO, founded in 2009, was founded with the purpose of organizing free practice, races and trophies dedicated to two-wheelers, as well as the registration of riders for the issuance of licenses. After organizing individual races at the Varano Autodrome for two years (Varano Cup, Valceno Cup, PP Cup), in 2012 he established and created the Moto Varano Trophy, a competition held over several races at the Varano Autodrome and other circuits.

For Info and Membership:

A.S.D. Moto Club Varano
Strada per Fosio, 1 c/o Autodromo di Varano
43040 Varano de’Melegari (PR)
Tel. +39 0525 551211 – Fax +39 0525 551227
IMF Code: 7969


VARANO KART: the thrill of trying your hand at driving a blazing kart on the track of a real racetrack.
The track, about 800 meters long, was made on the course of the Varano de’ Melegari Autodrome, the circuit in Parma that hosts major national car races.
A unique opportunity to safely measure themselves in exciting challenges against the stopwatch, even for groups of friends who will be able to experience an amateur race driving the 390cc 4-stroke Honda-powered karts.
In case of bad weather, the rink will be closed for safety reasons, so in case of uncertain weather conditions, it is advisable to contact the numbers below for real-time updates on the actual opening of the rink.


The International Safe Driving Center – Scuderia de Adamich was established during 1990, in collaboration and synergistic partnership with Alfa Romeo, and began operations in 1991.
The constant qualitative and quantitative development of activities has led the Center to become one of the leading facilities in the field in Europe: from the eighteen safe driving courses held in 1991, it has grown to eighty-five in 1995, and to the current two hundred days of Courses per year, which equals a number of participants that ensures the attendance of about 5,000 participants annually.
The Center”s goal is to improve driving quality and car control by perfecting one”s technique through the contribution of qualified Driver-Instructors: a goal that is achieved by using a facility organized down to the last detail.
The Autodromo di Varano De’Melegari is in this sense the ideal terrain: a driven track with challenging turns that cover basically all the types of curves found on roads open to traffic. Over the years it has been equipped with areas equipped with artificial rain systems, special low-grip areas made of special resins, modern technologies to improve the teaching of Courses and the involvement of guests.


FOTO VARANO is the new service that the Varano Autodrome has created to make the experience of those who race on our circuit unforgettable. A team of professional photographers with long experience behind them in the field of motor racing covers, with photo shoots from the track and paddock, all the events scheduled in the racetrack calendar.

It is also possible to use this service during free practice days dedicated to all types of cars or motorcycles.

The images, archived in low resolution can be viewed and ordered by mail or phone.

FOTO VARANO remains available to riders or enthusiasts for photo shoots even on private or corporate occasions.


Equipped with a hall of about 250 sq. m., it gives the possibility of two different types of customization and relative place settings: with rectangular tables of 10 people for a total of about 140 seats, or arrangement of round tables of 8 seats for a total of about 100 people. Self-service is in operation on race weekends.

In addition to the restaurant hall, the building also includes a snack bar of about 80 sq. m., men’s and women’s restrooms, facilities for the handicapped, checkroom, paved outdoor area under the exclusive purview of the restaurant-bar of about 300 sq. m.

Info and contacts:
+39 0525 53328


A completely natural area of 1,500 hectares: an exclusive and unique location for off-road enthusiasts at all levels.

The Monte Capuccio Off Road Park features all types of terrain, and differentiated levels of difficulty suitable for any type of vehicle:

  • White roads;
  • Rocky soils;
  • Fangaie;
  • Slopes of infinite gradations;
  • Guadi;
  • Grassy mounds.

In addition to natural routes, possibility of preparing special routes according to the needs of the Client.
A central location with respect to central and northern Italy makes Off Road Park Monte Capuccio easily accessible from everywhere.


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