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Privacy Policy

Introductory Considerations
On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. The goal of the European Union is to give greater protection to personal data defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (so-called Data Subject).” This Privacy Policy provides users of this site with clear and detailed information on the processing of their personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Code. In particular, the reader will have the opportunity, by consulting this document, to see the dataset collected, how it is used, and, in particular, the rights available to him or her regarding sensitive data protection.
Data Controller (Alias, Data Controller)
Pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679, a.k.a. General Data Protection Regulation, the company AFTP S.r.l., with registered office at Via Solferino 68/D – Ramiola di Medesano 43040 – Parma (Italy), is the Data Controller of its customers’ data. For any information or notification regarding privacy issues, please refer to the company email

Data collected through websites
The Personal Data covered by the activity of AFTP S.r.l. are related to the following categories: personal data of the user, information data about the company to which our services will be administered, contact data, systems access data, potential geolocation data, and potential claims/efforts data. This data is collected directly at the time of customer registration on one of our portals found at the following URLs:

Purposes and Methods of Processing
AFTP S.r.l., will process Personal Data for the exclusive purpose of carrying out typical business operations, carrying out activities to improve the services provided, promotion and otherwise as agreed with its customers, within the limits and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

It is therefore committed to:
1. a) Process Personal Data in a lawful manner, taking all useful organizational measures to minimize processing only to those Personal Data strictly necessary to properly execute Contracts or legal obligations;
2. b) Process Personal Data in accordance with the information on how Personal Data is processed provided to Data Subjects through the Personal Data Processing Notice;
3. c) Verify that the Personal Data is accurate, relevant, complete and not excessive for the purposes for which it was Processed, notifying the third parties in writing of any need to modify, update, correct or delete the Personal Data and undertaking to update, modify, correct or delete it upon their request.
Processing will be carried out by means of computer and telematic tools. Such data will not be disclosed or accessed by third parties except as required by law.

Transfer of Personal Information
With regard to the transfer of data to third parties, AFTP S.r.l. undertakes to follow and correctly apply the instructions dictated by the regulations, refraining from defining any mode or purpose of Processing other than those imposed by the agreements with its clients. In other words, in full accordance with the current data protection regulations (EU 2016/679, Art. 13/14), any potential transfer to third parties will be requested from time to time from the affected user, who can oppose and deny their consent except in the following cases:
– Transfer upon request for legal proceedings, legal acts, judicial and/or Police investigations.
– Transfer for deeds and information required by the police headquarters.

Data Retention
AFTP S.r.l. collects customer data to provide its services and retains this information for the duration of the contracts. In addition, AFTP S.r.l. retains data for a period after the termination of contracts only and only in connection with regulatory, tax, insurance and other requirements in the places where it operates. Once such information is no longer needed for the provision of services, we take measures to prevent access to or use of such information for purposes other than security, fraud prevention and detection.

User Rights
The end user has the right, in accordance with current regulations, to exercise one or more of the options described below:
– Right to rescission: the end user has the full right, at any time and without giving a reason, to request the complete rescission of the consent of the data we have collected about them.
– Right to be forgotten: the end user has the full right in requesting the complete deletion, from any kind of media, of their data collected by us, without providing an express reason. By exercising this action, he understands that the provision of our services may be restricted or may be denied altogether.
– Right of rectification and access to data: the end user has the full right to verify, at any time, the dataset that has been collected by the enterprise about it. Addititionally, he/she may request rectification and modification of the collected data (e.g., as a result of domain change or telephone/email contact method).
– Right to request support from the Italian Privacy Guarantor: The end user has the right to request support and additional information from the Italian Privacy Guarantor, which can be found at

How to exercise your rights
You may exercise your rights set forth above directly by contacting us using the email address provided in this document when declaring the Data Controller.

Last updated May 25, 2018

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This document sheds light on “Cookie” technology and how they are used and implemented on this site.

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