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Art. 1
Riccardo Paletti circuit in Varano de’ Melegari, near Parma, is managed by SO.GE.S.A srl (Società Gestioni Sports Automotociclistici), a limited company registered in Varano de’ Melegari – strada per Fosio n. 1 – and it is owned by the council of Varano de’ Melegari.

The purpose of SO.GE.S.A. srl company is:

-to organize and to mangage races and sport or cultural events in general,
-to manage the sport facilities or any other activities linked with sport or cultural activity,
-to organize and mange advertising either for its own sake or for third parties,
-to purchase, to sell or change the real estates.
Art. 2
The following regulations outline rules to be respected after entering the premises.
Any information provided, such as prices, opening hours etc. issued by the management, made visible on the notice boards outside the office buildings, must be respected, any offenders are responsible to accept the consequences, except of their eventual referral to the judical authority that is reserved to So.ge.s.a. srl with the best legal protection.
Art. 3
The entry of the public and track users are subject to obey, conditions, times, which are unquestionably issued by the management or in the case of a manifestation, programs and particular regulations may apply following payment of the related rates.
Art. 4
People and vehicles allowed in the area of the circuit are expected to comply with the rules of the circuit and are expected to apply the highway code (see Highway Code) as well as to comply with the current prohibitions in the track area, particularly:
-children below the age of 14 are not allowed in the circuit unless they are accompanied by an adult,
-it is forbidden to enter the track with a vehicle without the correct pass (a sticker provided by the organizer),
-it is also forbidden to enter specific areas of the track, such as pits, paddock, press area etc., without the required pass,
-it is forbidden to bring any kind of animal or pet into the circuit premises.
Art. 5
The track and the circuit premises could be granted to carry out different types of events. (sporting, technical or shows), as well as for testing (sporting, technical or testing in general). The availability could be refused by the management, their decision is final without any kind of obligation to provide any further explanation.
Art. 6
The use of the track and premises can be exclusive or non-exclusive as specified below:

The exclusive use of the track could vary and could be granted with or without various services, applying the relative rates displayed in Management offices.
The exclusive use of the track is given according to client´s request or according to the management´ s decision, depending on the type of vehicles and the use intended for the track.
In case of manifestations or record attempts exclusivity is obligatory, in accordance with the So.ge.s.a srl rates.
For testing, manifestations and other uses these present rules apply.
Furthermore, the exclusive use will be confirmed after having received the deposit of 30% of the total amount (time and services included).
Users of the track have no right to be given the deposit back except for anticipating any change or a problem in advance. That means 10 days before the date of a manifestation and 48 hours before the date of other type of events.
In case of client’s partial use the amount to be payed will correspond either to the rates for a partial use, with the right of So.ge.s.a. srl to decide, or will correspond to the minimal deductible amount equal to 50% of the total cost.
In case of no or partial use for a valid reason, independent from voluntary decision and recognized by So.ge.s.a. srl, the total amount will correspond to the time and the services used, except for the costs spent by So.ge.s.a. srl.
No kind of compensation can be payed back to the users as it has been previously mentioned above.

In case of the non-exclusive use more then one vehicle is allowed at the track,
with certain limitations according to the number, the type and the category of vehicles. The final decision is taken by the management following FIA regulations.
Tests can be held with road cars applying to the norms of the highway code.
The track use is in every case subordinated to pre-payment corresponding to the prices available in the Management offices.
Art. 7
General rules for the circuit premises:

Drivers and riders will only be given permission to enter the track with their vehicle by the responsible employee after having signed the statement of responsibility and handing in their piece of ID.
The access to the pitlane is available only to the drivers, mecanics and other users authorized by the Management of the circuit.
For the entry in the paddock area, as well as the time spent in the paddock including the mobile structures, a specific form has to be filled out claiming the acceptance of an inherent responsibility for potential damage at the circuit, for dangerous waste abandoned and finally to vacate the paddock area with all the belongings on time.

Motoribike riders are obliged to enter the track fully equipped with protective clothing:
A safety helmet, a protective suit, gloves and suitable boots.
Car drivers and the passengers are obliged to enter the track equipped with a protective helmet and with the safety belts fastened.
Separate requirements regarding protective clothing and safety belts apply to race cars and motorbikes according to their respective regulations.
The number of vehicles that are allowed to run at the track at the same time will be precised by the management.The maximum number of people allowed for each race car equals to the number of the front seats of a vehicle. Regarding motorbikes, only one rider per vehicle is allowed.
In case of homologated vehicles, the maximum number of people equals to the number stated in car documents, otheriwise it will be specified the Management.
The rider must be over the age of 18.
Each diver or rider at the track is expected to behave correctly, in a fair and responsible way towards the other track users.
Drivers and riders are expected to check their vehicles are perfectly suitable for the test on the track, taking into consideration the possible accidents and further consequences.
Should it happen, they are asked to be prepared to take responsibility of the caused damage and following consequences, i.e. responsibility of oneself and for the damage of one’ s equipment as well as for third parties (drivers or riders, passengers, companions, mecanics etc.) and their equipment.
So.ge.s.a. srl is excluded responsibility in such a case.
It is strictly forbidden to change direction or to lap in the opposite direction to the one stated (anticlockwise).

It is forbidden to stop on the track, in case of unintended breakdown on the track, the vehicle has to be pushed either to a safe zone or to the side of the track in order to evade the trajectories of other track users.
It is forbidden refuel or repair on the track as it is strictly forbidden to cross the track either on foot or with a vehicle (the same rule applies to the members or mechanics etc.) unless stated within the regulations.
Any betting or racing on the track between users is not allowed.
If drivers or riders notice an accident on the track, they must report to pits as well as to the marshals.
Both drivers and riders must enter the pits in at a reduced speed while indicating their entrance to the pitlane for others behind following them.
Session can be suspended by the management according to the safety conditions.
The management can refuse entrance to the track or order immediate entrance to the pits to any rider or driver behaving in a dangerous manner..
It is absolutely prohibited to test a car or a motorbike in the paddock area.
Art. 8
SO.GE.S.A. srl does not guarantee the presence of medical assistance, fire brigade, or flag signalization for testing, unless it is previoiusly requested.
If the following flags are waved at any time they have the following meaning:
The yellow flag: caution, slow down due to a hazard on the track,
The red flag: all cars have to stop immediately,
The black and white chequered flag: end of session
Art. 9
The track is not completely fenced therefore the possibility of animals or non-authorized people on the track cannot be absolutely excluded.
Furthermore, due to maintenance it is possible that verges, guardrails and other areas of the track may not be in perfect condition.
Consequently, each driver or rider is obliged to personally adapt one’s driving or riding to the conditions of the track.
Art. 10
Even the partial violation of all the above mentioned regulations could lead to an immediate removal of an offender from the circuit, without exluding SO.GE.S.A. srl company’ right to perform legal action.
Art. 11
The board of directors of SO.GE.S.A. srl reserves itself the right to update the current regulations as well as to make any modifications without warning.
The displayed regulations on the notice board in the premises of the circuit demonstrate their immediate application.

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